Meraki Mesh Wireless

Mesh Wireless Networks:

Mesh Wireless networks can help increase productivity while reducing infrastructure costs. The trend towards open offices and the increased use of notebook computers with built-in wireless capabilities has made the decision of whether or not to install a mesh wireless network in the home and office a serious consideration.

Newer technologies, such as wireless mesh networking, make problems that plagued older wireless system a thing of the past. With a series of properly configured devices placed inconspicuously around the home or office, users no longer have to worry about losing connection to the network. Mesh Wireless is the best choice for you hotel wifi.

Kussner IT has deployed both indoor and outdoor wireless mesh networks for a variety of organizations. Let us help you create, enhance or extend your wireless network infrastructure. We proudly sell and support Meraki Mesh Wireless for California.  Call 714-957-6628 to learn more.